The Stage Manager (zaikuu) wrote in wj_stage,
The Stage Manager

Exonerated T-Shirts

They will most likely be given out Thursday, unless something happens tomorrow and I don't get them in which case I'll be getting them to you on Friday or Monday.

I'll post again tomorrow with specifics, but I'm 95% sure that I'll be giving them out Thursday after school and wanted to give you guys the heads up. Please try to be there - I don't want to be carrying 50 shirts to and from school. We only have 9 extras left, all shirts - we have no extra sweaters.

So if you didn't get one, come see me with money ( $12 for short sleeve, $15 for long ) and I'll see what I can get for you. I think all we have left is 1 S, 2 M, 2 L, 1 XL for shirts and 1 S 1 M 1 L for long-sleeves. So keep that in mind when you come talk to me. If you haven't paid me, please do ASAP - Mrs. Burnet is going to be handing in obligations because we had a problem last year with people not paying.

And yes, I know who you are. ;)
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i have money for you..i'll find you tomorrow
what color are they?